Retrofit Podcast # 9: Axel Boman


Next up on our Retrofit podcast is one of Sweden’s finest & co-founder of the superb label Studio Barnhus Axel Boman.

We caught up with him & had a quick chat which you can read below.

I remember John & I had to pick up your house keys from Ocean Drive, Ibiza once as no doubts you were parting hard ūüėȬ†Tell us a bit about your Ibiza 2012 experience.

Ahhh you did?! haha! Yes I remember now.. OK, honestly – I really thought I would hate Ibiza. And for some parts I really do. But I was also pleasantly surprised about the quality of the parties! I had an amazing night at Space with Roman Flugen and Nina Kraviz for example. And the place is so beautiful.

I guess the scene in Stockholm is totally different. We’ve been there a few times & we loved it, but all places close quite early.¬†How do you find the Stockholm scene as a DJ, do you play there often?¬†

I think Stockholm is a good place to grow up music-wise because the quality of music is really high. Everybody knows about everything, but hipster wise it’s horrible. Maybe it’s good to have closing hours so you can go out a few times a week without being completely destroyed? I don’t really play there so much any more. It feels colder than ever there in every way…

We’ve also heard that Malmo is pretty cool- could you tell us more about it?¬†

No, Malm√∂ isn’t so good. haha. No I’m joking! It’s really nice. I love the Geography Records crew and the Babel Club! And the falafel is the cheapest in Sweden.

Your Studio Barnhus is up to its 11 release. How do you find juggling label management with your DJ career?

Well since there is 3 of us (Axel, Kornel Kovacs & Petter Nordkvist) in the label and we don’t really release too often it’s not so tricky. It’s also really fun so whatever stress it might be it’s worth it!

‘Christmas is coming & the goose is getting fat’ What’s your plans for Christmas & NY?

I’m staying home for both it seems like! which is bad because I hate NYE….

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  1. Thanks for mentioning us! ‚̧

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