Retrofit Podcast #7: Saint Petersburg Disco Spin Club

Next up on on Retrofit podcast we get Disco Ruski style with Kirill Sergeev aka The Saint Petersburg Disco Spin Club. Our Label head Jay Shep’ played a string of gigs together with the young jockey in cities including Minsk, Bucharest, Sochi and St Petersburg over the past year or two and discovered a talent behind the decks and in the studio. Recent SPDSC releases include a favourite in the Retrofit camp ‘I Need It’ out a few months back on Lovebirds’ Tear Drop label….check it!

Read on for the podcast and interview.

Jay tells us you’re pretty well established in the Russian disco scene, especially in your home town St Petersburg and also Moscow. Can you tell us a bit about how the scene is there and how its changed since you’ve been involved? 

Hey, this all actually came to me by chance, I never was involved in house/disco scene ever, but about a year and a half ago I came to my friend Sasha Kojevin of Tiger Cubes to check out his studio and he advised me to take my mpc with me. I had two tunes never thought of them like a tune actually, just two jams. So we recorded ’em on TAEC tape recorder and he also asked me to name the folder to save digi recording there also, donno why, but these 5 words came to my mind: Saint Petersburg Disco Spin Club. Then guys from German band Tusq told me on soundcloud and I decided to try. As i was a part of well-known band I decided not to use its popularity and audience and made a picture in the hood and tried to keep the profile with strictly no info. So after that I signed my “Marwencol” track on vinyl and then Saint P and Moscow Djs started to know me. So everything was so new to me and it was amazing time, my very first DJ sets ever, so much new music, as before I was listening to Sonic Youth/Pixies on one side and Jaga Jazzist/DJ Shadow on the other. So much new connections, new people, parties and etc. Donno how much it’s changed for now, I can only say that I can see a really great bunch of guys around me, we are like russian local house scene between Moscow and Saint Petersburg, I can name guys as Lipelis, Taras 3000, Ponty Mython, Arsenii, Simple Symmetry, Kirill Tipo, Black Lenin, Krjuk as the house scene and great new bands as On-The-Go, Pompeya, Ifwe who are doing really cool new-russian sound as I see it. I’m really feeling like big time for russian artists at the moment. We are finally about doing good sound + ideas, we were so much time off this all so like we have much things disemboguing from our minds/hands now.

I hear you make tracks using Skype any other interesting studio techniques you can share with us? 

Hah! Yeah that “I Need It” one was done after little conversation with my friend Leonid Lipelis on Skype and sending each other some parts. Well my equipment is pretty easy: MPC, Korg-r3, Reaper, Reason 3.0. I’ve been using this stuff for ages and I really don’t want to change it. I can’t understand new software as Logic or Ableton so not using ’em so much. Only for little things I understand.

Before this current project (SPDSP) you’ve played in quite a few bands and toured across Western Europe at a young age, must have been a lot of fun, any good tour bus antics you can divulge?

Yeah, I think since 2002 I was in bands all the time. With last one we really crossed around Western Europe and it was really fun but so annoying. We were band of 8 and we travelled 10 people party in one little Mercedes Sprinter bus with no good places for a sleep, like u know from Warsaw to Hamburg via bus with no hotel just driving and sleeping during the road, then venue with soundcheck and plugging in instruments, some food, show, then taking stuff back to bus, then driving to some city again with again no proper sleep. For that time it was fun but I don’t think I can be ready for this again.

What’s your favourite classic Russian cuisine? 

I don’t have one as we don’t have so much classic Russian cuisine, it is actually mixture of culture as our culture itself. But I like things that my girlfriend doing at home so much: cutlets with buckwheat with classic village salad can work so good. I’m not really big lover of borscht or shchi, but vinegret (aka Russian salad) is for me totally.

Finally lets have some gossip about what’s coming up release gig wise….any plans to get over to Europe soon?

Well I released really much for this summer: two singles with remixes from Vincenzo, Lovebirds, Leaves aka Iron Curtis, Rocco Raimundo, Mario Basanov and two EPs. I have started my own imprint with my friend Ponty Mython, we called it Beats Delivery and already released our first 12″. Then some VA’s were done also this time. So I’m having little rest from recording new stuff, cuz I’m thinking of new way of this at this moment, anyway I have some recorded and signed stuff now, in october my really cool one, called “Dear Suzy” (dedicated to girl from Moonrise Kingdom) out on Seven Music Black VA with Downtown Party Network, Elef and Noodleman. “Keep It Movin” single coming out laters on Undulate recordings 12″. “Driving” coming out on Legendary Sound Research in November probably. Remix for Volta Cab on What’s In The Box and probably I finally found the place for big tune “Balduin Baas as Conductor”. Also I’m doing a live project and we performed several times, it is bunch of Moscow friends playing with me my tracks live. This is 8 members band incl. well known Djs from Moscow playing guitars, bass and etc. plus brilliant vocalist Yana Blinder. She is really hot on vocals, I have done one feature with her on Whiskey Disco 12″ out this June. So I’m planning to record full-length live album with this band. So that’s for the plans.

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