Retrofit Podcast #6: Matthew Burton

ImageMatthew Burton has been on a steady upward incline over the past few years, recent releases on Visionquest, Sammy D’s Ultrastretch label and our very own Retrofit are earning him a rep with the heads.

Here for our next podcast instalment Matthew gives us a glimpse of his less conventional music taste with a psychedelic downtempo DJ mix.

We caught up with him for a few words at his recent gig in Club Der Visionaere in Berlin where he played alongside Zip and Thomas Melchior.

You and your girlfriend Kate Rathod are becoming well known as a production duo, do you always see eye to eye while working in the studio together or are there artistic differences? 

We are usually on the same wavelength but yeah we do come accross sections of a track where we feel it should go in different ways. The fact that we are a couple helps us get through them moments as we are not afraid to have an argument about it, then it is resolved swiftly and we can move on, or in some more extreme cases we just stop making music for the day and never try and force it too much. The good thing is we both have different strengths so combining them together seems to work very well.

This is certainly one of the more ‘out there’ mixes that we’ve featured on the podcast so far, can you tell us about the track selection and how you came up with it? 

Well basically I collect a lot of records that are not meant for the dance floor, I find most in second hand record shops and markets and this is the kind of music I listen to at home while chilling out watching my fish in my aquarium or being nosey watching people in the street. So this mix is an accurate representation of my home listening records, although some of these records I do play out just over the top of stripped techno tracks. I have been wanting to do a podcast like this for a while and it felt like the retrofit one was the right time to do it, I am not sure why, I guess it just felt more comfortable doing it for you guys than I have with other podcasts.

After a break in London you’re both back over in Berlin again now, happy to be back? 

Extremely happy to be back, mainly due to the fact we are renting a really nice big apartment for cheap from our friends so we have lots of space for our studio, where as in london we had a room just slightly bigger than our bed. We are far more relaxed due to this extra space and how safe it feels living in Berlin. I miss some friends and the quirky things London has to offer but I dont miss the street crime and high rent prices, so yeah feel a lot more comfortable back in Berlin.

On your RA podcast with Kate you featured your live act, can you tell us a bit about how you’ve built that up, the kit you use and concept behind it?

The RA podcast is not the music that we play at gigs, we wanted to do something a bit different to show some slower stuff of ours.We have made so much music that it was always hard to work out what we should put into the live act, so each time we perform it can be quite different. Every single track part is bounced seperately and put into ableton so we can always combine parts from different tracks so there is no limit as such to where we can take the set.  We also use outboard FX units and pedals along with the microkorg which we use for playing all our melodies, pads and stabs etc. Ah also the vocal mic mainly for kates vocals and a couple of grunts from myself here and there.  All this is hooked up to our 12 channel mixer. As we are quite new to the whole live act thing we are still developing and in the near future hope to add the Elecktron Machinedrum into our live act. I think our live act will always be developing as long as we are performing it as we dont like things being to static. The concept behind the live act changes slightly i think depending on where we play, for example we have built up a more solid raw techno sounding set which we played last month in London, but we are playing a beach party in cyprus next month so that will be more of a summery vibe with more vocals and melodies.

You have another EP with Kate planned with us on Retrofit, any other releases or collaborations coming up in the near future? 

Yeah the most exciting thing is we are starting our own vinyl only label. It is just  for our own music and collaborations with others. Everything is ready and we just secured a distributer this week so hopefully the first release will come out in the very near future. We also have an EP coming out on Audioflys label Maison D’Etra and one on Back To You. I also have a track made with Nick Lawson coming out on Cityfox, so a few bits coming up for the rest of the year.

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