Retrofit Podcast #4: Jay Shepheard (Live)

Our April podcast comes to you from none other than Retrofit founder and label boss, Jay Shepheard.  Some of you will have heard his RA podcast in January showcasing a lovely DJ mix, now we have a special treat with a studio recording of a brand new live act featuring both forthcoming and exclusive material plus some of the live set favourites he’s been playing over the last few years…

Read on for some of John’s ideas behind the label and plans for the future.

We at Retrofit obviously know the score 🙂 but can you explain to others how you came up with the name and concept for the label? 

It was basically coming from the kind of music I’d been doing and the direction I wanted to go with the label. The term ‘retrofit’ in engineering means to update something using a new technology – ie to put a new engine in a classic car or similar. So the plan is to take classic electronic music themes; acid house, disco, vintage techno etc and give them a modern twist. So far I’m pretty happy that we’ve stuck to that brief!

Word on the street is that you’ll be living in Berlin for the 2nd time soon, give us your thoughts on the Berlin vs London debate. 

Hmmm, where to start! I guess first would be to say that I love both cities and there’s little point in deeming one ‘better’ than the other. Berlin is cheap, laid back, relaxed, great apartments and cool venues  – esp in summer…. London has energy and a buzz about it, huge diversity of culture and (importantly) proper pubs. After two years back in London I’m really looking forward to getting out to Berlin again, seeing all friends out there – also I think its nice just to have a bit of a change, a shake up once every few years in life to keep things fresh.

Seems like you’ve been on the road a lot lately, are you into the travelling side of things? 

This is always a busy time if year as far as touring goes, but I think with doing the RA mix in Jan its been even more so this year. Yes I love it! It can be a bit intense at times, unlike some DJs who (sensibly) arrive at the venue 10 mins before playing and leave 10 mins afetr I find it hard not to get a bit more involved in the party –  But all in all meeting so many great people in cities all over the place and eating food from all over etc is great and I wouldn’t change it for anything.

Give us the low down on what’s next for Retrofit! 

I’m actually really excited about the rest of this year. We have quite a few releases coming up with material from myself, Catz N Dogz, Iron Curtis, Martin Dawson, Matthew Burton & Kate Rathod, Manolo and maybe Session Victim  too – also possibly a comp…so plenty to be looking forward to 🙂 Next up it’s # 8 with the Catz N Dogz remix of Add Arp, I’ve been hammering it every DJ show lately and am really happy with this one…teamed up on the other side with a hot Iron Curtis remix of String Theory so watch this space 🙂

Check Jay Shepheard’s upcoming gigs here

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