Retrofit Podcast #1: Move D

Here at Retrofit HQ we’ve been meaning to launch our podcast series for a while & what better time than end of the year and a month of New Year’s resolutions!  First up, we have a mix from one of our ever favourite artists Move D recorded live at Bal Taquin in Paris on the memorable date of 11-11-11

Marysia managed to catch up with David for a quick Q&A between his jet-setting & Christmas shopping… Enjoy & Happy Holidays xxx

M: Hi David, Happy Christmas from RETROFIT

D: Merry X-mas all!

M: What are your plans for the festive season?

D: Some quality family time, but lots of playing out!

12-25 Heidelberg, Germany

12-26 Mannheim, Germany

12-27 Manchester, UK

12-31 Preston, UK

01-01 London, UK

 M: WOW! Impressive 🙂 

It seems like 2011 was very busy year for you… Last time we met, I bumped into you at Secretsundaze party @ Sonar back in June. I remember you were on your way to some after party. Did you rave it up?

D: ha! – No I didn’t, as they had only one turntable at the party and it was unbearably hot… However, it seemed as people were really into it!

M: Which female DJ would you like to fill your Christmas stocking? (Sorry! Had to ask 😉

D: LOL, make it the unique Princess P from Switzerland for this year…

M: Have you made any requests to Santa yet?

D: Oh yes, but I think I’m either too old or I just haven’t been a good enough boy last year – so I’m afraid he won’t be bringing me no korg analog sequencer…

M: You have recently got back from Australia. How was it? Does the scene is any different to Europe? Any highlights?

D: Well, most noticeably the kangaroos & crocodiles on the dance floor, owls in the back garden – otherwise nothing abnormal…


Spice Cellar, Sydney with Deetron;

Brown Alley, Melbourne with Fred P and Pantha du Prince

Sugar, Adelaide with Driller Jet Armstrong & Trus’me

Last not least: finally meeting HMC in Adelaide

M: Well… We are happy you’re back in Europe & we look forward to seeing you on New Year’s Day shenanigans @ Nofitstate, are you ready for some London action?

D: No matter how hard your politicians try to ruin it with the rest of Europe – London will remain the cultural center of the world – I’m excited – bring the party on!

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