RETROFIT #3 in shops now

After a short summer break RETROFIT is back on the scene with our third instalment – a collaboration from label boss Jay Shepheard and the highly talented Tad Wily on bass, keys, guitar, percussion & synth.

A1: Parallel Perc
A2: Haselnuss
B1: A Sopot Connection
B2: T.E.C_1

Here’s what the Djs say…we hope you dig it!  😉

Seth Troxler (Spectral Sound)
Abslutly love jay shepheard and this is straight gangsta. goood times all around.

OOFT! (Instruments Of Rapture)
Love the fat anaolgue basslines in all the jams and am sure I will play all of these at some point! The housey strut of Parallel Perc probably wins it though 🙂

Trevor Jackson (Output / Playhouse)
Haselnuss is great!

Crazy P (Paper)
Really solid tracks, parallel perc just shading it but all dead playable. thanks

Tornado Wallace (Delusions Of Grandeure)
Really vibing the Retrofit series. It’s not easy to maintain such a high quality output but number three lives up to the brand.Parallel Perc and T.E.C_1 are the picks for me. Great crossover business.

Jacques Renault (Runnaway)
Damn this is a sick release, keep me in the loop Parallel Perc will be played thanks

The Revenge (Instruments Of Rapture)
These sound great 🙂 Will be rinsing!

Catz N Dogz (Mothreship / Get Physical / Pets)
YES! another great release, one of our favorite labels at the moment.

Simon Lee (Faze Action)
Shep & Wily effortlesley joins the sound of disco and house into a peak time track, will be getting lots of plays from the Faze Action camp

Sasse (Moodmusic)
It´s amazing man, really love both sides. If I´d had to pick one up it´d be “parallel perc” – great flow !!

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